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Coax Cable Stripping Machine - Coax Wire Processing Machine

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This semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine can strip up to 9 layers, and the maximum processing cable diameter is 18mm.

Model: WL-8608



  • This semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine can strip up to 9 layers;

  • The color touch screen control system makes it easy to set up various functions, and can save 50 sets of data;

  • Three working modes: automatic peeling, manual peeling, and foot switch operation peeling;

  • The transmission is driven by Japanese NSK ball bearings and wire rods to keep the motion accuracy within 0.08 mm;

  • The host control system adopts Japan OMRON high-precision PLC multi-point control system, and the performance is more stable;

  • The coaxial cable stripping machine uses a specific concentric positioning device, so that the user does not need to retrieve the center when changing the tool;

  • The blade adopts imported Swiss tungsten steel, and the precision of the cutting is ensured by 15 high-precision grinding processes with a knife edge finish of 0.0005 mm.

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Operation video of the coaxial cable stripping machine


Technical Data

Model WL-8608
Maximum processing cable diameter 18mm
Maximum skinning length 90mm
Cutting depth unit 0.01mm
Maximum stripping layers 9 layers
Weight 40KG
Power supply 110V/220V/ 50HZ
Package size 720x230x350 mm



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